It is the hair that maketh the woman.

While it may be clothes that maketh the man, it is hair that maketh the woman.

Let me explain. While showering this morning (you may start to realise that my blog ideas usually come while taking a shower), I reached out for my fabulous bottle of conditioner, which I had especially bought from the US and shipped to the UAE. In fact, I bought five bottles of this wonderful conditioner. Now, I need to advise you, that I am not a promoter of hair products, I do not work for a hair salon and though I may work in the Marketing sector, I am in no way paid or recognised for promoting hair products or the brand of hair conditioner I buy. Now to keep my blog fair, I am not going to name the brand of conditioner, but to say that it starts with J and ends with oico. While, I do not get paid for endorsements, I am happy to accept any bribe that may come from this blog to advise why the brand beginning with J and ending with oico far exceeds any other brand for my hair type.

But back to why it is the hair that maketh the woman. While grabbing my J-oico bottle of conditioner, I started asking myself about the amount of money I have spent on my hair. My fascination with hair products probably started around the time I was ten, when a bit of soap and water, and a hair tie was no longer going to cut the mustard in hair styling. As a result, I begged my oh-so-traditional father to buy shampoo and conditioner. I tried everything, even the good ole Da-ad-ah and rolling the eyes move. Nothing worked. It wasn’t until my mother used a move above mine where she rolled her eyes, crossed her arms and stated Br-ad-dah that he eventually gave in.I was finally bought a bottle of baby shampoo and some cheap ol bottle of conditioner. It did okay for about four years, when I then wanted to lighten my hair. The answer was a flat-out resounding no. Not even my mothers’ move worked for me. It looked like I would have to take matters into my own hands. So, one day, while at my girlfriends house, we took out a bottle of White King and bleached my hair. Ummm – yeah! I didn’t quite get the results I was looking for. Not with my hair and definitely not from my parents! It did work a treat in one way though. After the storm in the teacup died down, my parents were a bit more lenient in allowing me to pay money in order to get a professional haircut!! A year later, I was flaunting a head full of circles with my first perm! This was just the start of the huge amount of money I was to hand over all for the sake of my hair. Before I even left the hairdresser with my new perm, I had brand new shampoo and conditioner to purposefully keep the curls tight.

Eventually, I become old enough to make decisions for myself and decided to colour my hair using supermarket-bought hair colour. The result ended up being worse than White King, with a bright orange tinge instead of a white blonde. As such, I bought another hair colour, this time a red colour to ‘fix’ the disaster I had created. The colour was okay, but I had badly damaged by hair, and therefore needed intense conditioning and strengthening to build the hair up again while preventing breaking and splitting.As such, product after product entered my bathroom shelves. I had also started taking an interest in hair styles, which saw me purchase my own hair dryer, a hair straightener, a hair curler, hairspray, mousse and gel. I even bought a very expensive hair brush, my Mason Pearson one, which I still use today!

With the horror of my own attempts to colour my hair, I ended up going to the hairdresser to eventually achieve my white blonde look. Only to be told I would need different shampoo and conditioner, as well as bi-monthly re-colouring treatments. I can hear the dollars falling out of my purse as I type! Ca-ching Ca-ching Ca-ching!!

This now brings me to buying specific shampoo and conditioner from the US. I unfortunately can not buy my preferred brand of hair products in Abu Dhabi. I now pay extra shipping fees in order for my hair to look exactly as I want it to? And why? Because hair maketh the woman, not clothes. Just look at Britney Spears.

This troubled princess is popularly known as a blonde bombshell. In fact, Britney’s diversion from being a blonde is associated with her demise. Her shaved head moment is seen as the height of her down-ward spiral, before she eventually emerged with blonde hair again, resulting in greater positive press coverage and support.

In fact, Britney’s hair colour become such an issue, that The Hollywood Gossip ran a poll on it. The results of which are below:

Britney Spears looks best when her head is 






Total Votes: 6448

 While I have no issues with Brittney sporting a head of brunette hair, she is best known for being a blonde!

Let’s look at some other celebrities and their hairstyles/colours:











Cameron Diaz














It is the hair that maketh the woman. As such, I will continue to spend thousands on my head of hair, regardless of the fact that I will lose about 40 to 100 strands a day!!