Day 13: Shooting up in a public toilet

Despite my grand plans of the hubster and I finding a secluded pocket of the world to inject my trigger injection, it happened to occur, as the title of this post indicates, in a public toilet. 😦

When the phone call came in on Friday to advise that my trigger injection needed to be done at 8:30pm, I knew we had made some vague plans at around this time to catch up with some friends. No time or location was set, so there was the possibility of it being cancelled or that I would be in the comfort of either my parents house or their house.

These friends do not know we are going through IVF and as it turned out, wanted to head out somewhere. At around 4pm last night, plans were made to go to a family restaurant nearby for a 7pm booking.

At around 7:15pm our order was taken and I thought that my 8:30pm we should have had at least the first course out-of-the-way. But no. I actually excused myself to go to the toilet at 8 :15pm, and our meals hadn’t arrived as yet. So off I head, to the toilets to get my medical bag out of my handbag and mix up the Pregnyl trigger. I have done this so many times that it only took me five minutes to do. So for 10 minutes, all I did was sit on the toilet counting down the minutes and seconds until I could inject myself. 😦

I will say though, that I did pick the toilet that was right behind the baby change table. There was also three young children in the toilet at the same time I did my trigger. One young girl whose name was Chloe was yelling out for someone to wipe her “bott bott” after she had done “smellies”.

Apparently my meal came out a minute after I left our table. Typical. My friend text me to say not to fall in…. I feel so sad that this is where the trigger injection took place and that neither my mother nor the hubster could inject me, but….. in saying all of this, I have always believed that life continues on, no matter what the situation, and you need to make the best of everything. Just because I am doing IVF does not mean life stops. In fact, I am trying to create life (and therefore more chaos!)

So I have been triggered! Symptoms at the moment are:


Pins and Needles in Uterus


Tender boobs


Next step: A suppository!