Day 16: Bits, Bobs, Blobs, Boobs and a Blog

Today is a bit of a “bitza” day. The hubster returned home today, which means I am about half way through my seven week stint in Australia. I woke up to two Husky’s french kissing me instead of my hubster’s love and kisses. These are my brother’s dogs, who happens to be in Bali with my sister-in-law celebrating their sixth wedding anniversary. As a result, I am now their companion. I actually quite like the fact that they have chosen me 🙂

I have come off my bipolar medication, ready for a day three transfer. I am also awaiting the phone call from the embryologist to advise of the fertilisation outcome.

I have an acupuncture session today to help focus on healing the uterus and getting ready for the transfer. I am trying to keep my anxiety levels down, and to keep positive, but I can not help but think what if none of the egg fertilised? It drives a fear deep into my heart. The acupuncture specialist told me that I need to focus on having fun and building that feeling of love around me. So, I am downloading a series of Mad Men and will let the issues of Don Draper overtake my own 🙂

I still have very tender boobs, but am feeling 70% better than yesterday. By tomorrow, I should be as good as new.

EDIT: I just got off the phone from the embryologist. I actually had NINE eggs collected. Six of which have fertilised and three of which so far have divided to become embryos. At this stage, that means a day three transfer, making it a Thursday transfer date.