Day 18: Embryo Transfer

My six fertilised eggs have now resulted in two embryos/zygotes, both which are ready for transfer. I have yet to get ALL the final details, but I have a 7 cell Grade 2 and a 5 cell embryo (not too sure of grade). I have also been asked to come in earlier for the transfer as they have had a cancellation. I hope all is okay with the other woman.

So, appointment is at 1:45 for a 2:15pm transfer.

EDIT: The 5 cell embryo is a 1.5 Grade. This is the highest grading we have ever had and a 7 cell embryo is the highest cell number we have ever had. Just before the transfer, I saw my acupuncture specialist, whose wonderful sessions always bring a sense of calm over me. During these session he will ask me to do a mediation whereby I need to visualise someone I love. For the past few sessions, my niece has been the person I visualise the most, but prior to the transfer it was God. I prayed that He would guide the hands, hearts and tools of everyone involved in the transfer.

When I got to the clinic, I had to wait around two hours! Apparently there was an issue with the woman before me. I feel so sad for her. I hate seeing any woman affected so negatively by IVF. I know what it feels like. It is devastating. IVF truly is a roller coaster ride.

For the transfer you need to make sure you go in with a full bladder, well because of the delay in seeing me, I was bursting at the seams. As a result, I could no longer hold on and had to let some escape. Luckily I had drunk the equivalent of a small swimming pool, as I still had plenty for the procedure!

The embryologist initially wanted to only transfer the 7 cell embryo. I asked if it would be possible if both could be transferred – which they said would be fine. As a result I have two little embies inside my endometrium. The procedure went very smoothly. Afterwards, all the nurses at the clinic wished me the best of luck. I was the last woman to have the transfer for the day.

I then called the hubster to let him know how things went. He cried! It must be so hard on him not being able to be with me. But I did share a few laughs with him. I told him that not many people can claim to get pregnant while holding their mother’s hand! πŸ™‚ I also told him we was the daddy of twins. He laughed through the tears. I am surprised how we both know when we need to be strong for the other person. I love him completely!

I then went back to see my acupuncture specialist. He is indeed very good. He was able to get me into a complete state of calm within minutes and right now I have two tiny coil needs on my ear, which will remain there for two days in order to ensure I maintain this sense of calm. This time, when I visualised someone I love, it was the hubster and I had this multitude of visions of him playing with our son AND daughter, teaching them to ride a bicycle, read, play on the swings. It was beautiful. I wished I could have stayed with these visions for hours!

Overall, it has been a great day.

Fingers crossed.