Day 19: 1dp3dt – Calm on the western front

1dp3dt = One day past three-day transfer. Those in the IVF circle have many acronyms to describe the hell we go through, but we would often do it all over again just for the hope of having a child one day.

All is calm on the western front. I have had my 1500mg shot of Pregnyl this morning along with all the other drugs. I am also on Cardiprin at the moment which stops blood clotting. I have done pretty much nothing but read and surf the web. In fact, it is after lunchtime and I am still in my PJ’s 🙂

I had an interesting sleep, woke up in hot sweats, feeling crampy and had to go to the toilet three times! I have also noticed twice now that my taste is off. I don’t like to read into these things – I am just stating them. It would be way too early for pregnancy symptoms.

When you think about it though – I AM pregnant! I have two embryos inside of me! Hopefully they have moved on to the “morula” stage. I am thinking about my two WordPress ladies that are currently going through scary times and praying for all of us to have little miracles!

I like to think that I am feeding my embryo’s well. They have had roast chicken, caramel milk, lots of water, some chocolate (have to introduce this early!) and eggs! Nom nom nom.

Well, I should go and have a shower and make my bed.

Speak again soon.