What do you call a princess?

Drum roll please…. the hubster and I have whittled down the list of girls names that we like which could be suitable for our little girl. I know we are jumping a bit ahead of ourselves, but we need to have dreams! I haven’t thought of middle names yet, so still time for that!

Here they are (though not 100% on spelling) along with their origin and meaning:

Layla, Arabic – dark/night beauty

Dominque, French/Latin – of the Lord. Good for a girl born on a Sunday!

Jemila, Arabic – beautiful/lovely

EDIT: Here are a list of middle names and their origin/meaning:

Isabelle, Hebrew – My God is a vow

Kassidy – English – Curly Headed

Michelle, French/Hebrew – Who resembles God.

Jasmine, Old French/Persian – fragrant flower