Day 20: 2dp3dt – Things are different

I am going to do my best to explain how I am feeling without sounding crazy. I feel very crampy, full and a bit nauseous. I don’t recall the nausea feeling before. I also feel like my insides are pinching me. It is a strange feeling – a bit like the pins and needles from the inside of my ovaries. I know all of this can not be symptoms of pregnancy – I am just watching and feeling these strange sensations. My boobs are still tender but that has always been the case.

All going well, I have a blastocyst or two! That sounds so exciting, so let me just say … YIPEE! The hubster and I have got this far –  so far! I just need them to stick! I like to envisage them with their own double-sided tape and sticking themselves to my uterus 🙂

I had another session of acupuncture today. The hubster was again my source of love and contentment. I am missing him a bit, but so glad we have Skype.

Crossing everything for a little miracle or two.