Day 21: 3dpd3t – Meet Spot and Dot

I have new names for my embies: DOT and SPOT. This is because when I saw the embies on the ultrasound after my transfer, that is really what I saw; two white dot/spots. Apparently this is the air bubble that is around the embies, not the embies themselves. As such DOT is my Dashing, Outstanding, Toddler and SPOT is my Sweet, Precious, Original Tot 

I have had the usual cramping, tingling in the abdomen and tender boobs, but I have also realised that I have been constipated for the past few days, which could have led to the cramping.

Last this afternoon I also noticed a light pink creamy CM. I was a tad excited about this, as it could have been a sign of early implantation, however it would be too early for this. It could also just be from all the things I have put my ovaries, uterus and cervix through.

All going well, SPOT and DOT are beginning to hatch out of their shell.

I will update again soon.