Day 23: 5dp3dt – A new look

I have a new look! I have a new style and colour to my hair! Today, I allowed myself to get pampered in the salon, getting ammonia and peroxide free hair colour in my hair while I caught up with all the celebrity gossip by reading trashy magazines.

My hairstylist was a wonderful girl who has THE BEST hair colour I have ever seen. It was blonde – but AH MAZING!! I would have loved to have got the same colour, but hers was a very caramel blonde, I opted for the vanilla blonde instead! 🙂

After this glorious treatment, I caught up with mummy dearest for lunch in a very chick place in Perth, where we were unfortunately joined by a few of the notorious criminals in the state, including John Kizon. This made my mother very much on edge and wanting to leave our wonderful lunch straight away. She was literally squirming. I gulped down my drink and said to her that I was happy to leave when she made a dash for the door …..WITHOUT PAYING! I told her she was going to be put in the clink faster that Kizon would be – which she laughed at! After I calmed her down, we paid and then drove to my acupuncture appointment.

I am very close to my mother and love her dearly. She has been a wonderful supporter of all I have done.

SPOT and DOT are hopefully now implanting into my uterine lining. I am still having a lot of cramping, constipation (thanks Pregnyl), twinges in the pelvic area (strong last night), hot flushes (go figure), slight pain in the back, tender boobs and a heightened sense of smell. I am feeling pretty good though. I am feeling hopeful – calmly hopeful. That is today’s forecast – yesterday I was feeling like it wasn’t working – so let’s see what tomorrow and the next few days after will bring.

Tomorrow I am taking Mum out to the theatre to see Mary Poppins!! Whoop whoop!