Day24: 6DP3DT – Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Mother dearest and I went to see Mary Poppins today! It was really nice to spend the day out with her. She started the day in a bit of a down mood, so I was glad to see this change as the day went on. The show was at the Burswood Theatre, which is right next to the one and only casino in Perth. There is also a whole heap of entertainment venues such as restaurants and nightclubs nearby. As such, Mum and I decided to go in early. We both had a bit of a flutter at the casino – she came out evens and I came out $100 up. As such, I shouted Mum to lunch.

This was when I almost passed out. I am not too sure what happened, but I went pale very quickly and felt really faint. It was just a quick spell, but I was not feeling 100% for a while afterwards. I have been having so many symptoms of a pregnancy and am feeling calmly positive about this particular session. I hope I am not jinxing myself. After the show, I went to the toilet and noticed a high amount of CM. I am still crossing fingers! All going well SPOT and DOT are still implanting.

The show itself was very good. The character that played Mary Poppins did a wonderful job and there were some really talented actors, singers and tappers on stage. I still have to say that I actually prefer theatre over musicals. However, as per my typical self at the moment, I had tears welling up when Mary Poppins decided to leave the family….. Sook!

Anyway, I also decided today that I would not be going to Jurien Bay to snorkel over the weekend. The crowd is really rambunctious and it would be a weekend of drinking – which right now I am not suited to. I am also feeling bloated and …. well….. motherly – protective.

Praying for SPOT and DOT. A baby from this session of IVF would be, as Mary Poppins says “Practically Perfect”