Day 25: 7dp3dt – It’s 50/50

One week into this long drawn-out fortnight, one week to go!

The is a 50% chance I am pregnant and a 50% chance I am not. If you were a gambling person and you looked at my past record, you would bet against it – and today I would think you were right.

I am not feeling anything out of the ordinary today. Last night, I would have sworn I was having twins or triplets – I was so very bloated, but today – apart from the tender boobs – there is little to no feeling of being pregnant.

As a result of feeling quite ‘normal’ today, I got a bit of things done – mainly boring domestic work – paying bills, shopping. I also went to see my sister-in-law and my niece at the nearby marina – it was a beautiful day out.

Part of me is thinking I shouldn’t have cancelled snorkelling – but I wont change my mind now. It is what it is.

This two-week wait is feeling soooooooooo long. I want to know the results now… ARGH! Well, there is nothing I can do. I just have to wait it out. All going well, SPOT and DOT are 10 days old today. Please God.

I bought my niece a onsie today – I am going to get the words “Don’t make me call my Aunt” put onto it.

If I can’t be a mother – than I can still be an awesome Aunty.

Fingers crossed for a miracle.