Day 26: 8dp3dt – Cells and Sales

Everyday I have been researching what DOT and SPOT would be up to if all is going well. I can not help but shake my head at what is the miracle of human creation. This is God’s work. There is no two ways about it. A wonderful source of information is Harun Yahya’s book which is also available online here. This book quotes the Qur’an as reference points also. It is really amazing. Here is a snippet relating to where things would be for me:

On the eighth day, the cells begin to differentiate and they arrange themselves into two distinct groupings, an inner and an outerone. The inner cell mass (embryoblast), forms the cells that the embryo will possess throughout its whole life. The outer group of cells (trophoblast), is composed of the cells that assist the human being in its life in the mother’s womb, that is, for nine months until its birth. The inner cell mass separates itself from the outer group of cells that will serve it throughout the nine months. The remaining region will become the umbilical cord providing the connection between the embryo and the placenta that will develop later.

At about the same time that the placenta begins to form, the inner cell mass flattens and develops into three layers of cells in what is called the “embryonic disc”. The three types of cell layers are the ectoderm, the mesoderm, and the endoderm. In a process called differentiation, cells from each layer move to certain areas of the embryonic disc and then fold over to form tubes or clusters. These tubes and clusters develop into various tissues and organs of the body.27 Cells from the outermost layer, the ectoderm, form the brain, spinal cord, the sense organs and the lens of the eye. Moreover, this layer will form the epidermis, the sweat glands, tooth enamel, hair and nails. The innermost layer of the embryo (the endoderm) will cause the development of the organs that compose the digestive and respiratory systems (liver, lungs, pancreas, etc.) and the related glands (thyroid, thymus, etc.). The third layer (the mesoderm) is formed between these two layers. From this layer are formed the heart, muscles, bones, tendons, kidneys, glands, blood vessels, and reproductive organs. The lymphatic vessels and the epithelia (surface, or lining, tissues) which cover the most internal and external surfaces of the body and its organs also develop from this layer. The cells which compose all the tissues of the body are formed from these stem cells which develop from one of these layers.

Isn’t that amazing!!

Today I feel ‘normal’ again. Slightly bloated and tender boobs, with some CM thrown in for good measure. This is D-Day for me. The day I am due for my monthly. I am regular and yet no sight of Aunty Flo, so fingers crossed. I have never had my AF before any of my pregnancy tests before, but this is the longest time between when AF is due and when I test.

I had another acupuncture session today – it was so very relaxing. I need to ensure I buy a card for him for all of his wonderful work – regardless of the outcome! I actually need to buy a few thank you cards.

After acupuncture, mother dearest and I went shopping. I saw this beautiful fawn dress with a lace tunic on sale which immediately caught my attention. The exact photo of the dress is attached. I told Mum that I loved the dress and kept walking, only to return to see if they had my size – they didn’t. After looking at a few other shops, I went past the dress rack again, and as I was saying that it was a shame they didn’t have my size, a lady was returning the same dress to the rack after trying it on. Guess what – it was my size! I took it as a sign and tried the dress on. Mum loved it and minutes later, I was the proud owner of a brand new dress 🙂

After shopping, I spoke to the hubster on Skype. We are really missing one another now. I feel like I have lost my best friend, my buddy, my partner. He is the one I do fun things with. As much as I love Mum, she doesn’t enjoy doing some of the things I like to do. I would love to go for a walk hand-in-hand with my man right now. Not long to go until my flight back home. But I have just realised that my stay here could be extended if I am pregnant. Flying during early stages of pregnancy can cause miscarriages!! I will cross fingers. I could not think of anything worse than being told that this round of IVF worked, only to lose the baby due to flying home!!!!

I will make sure I speak to my doctor and everyone is happy that the risk is low.

Six days until test day…….