Day 27: 9dp3dt – hCG

Human chorionic gonadotropin. The hormone I am hoping is currently being developed in my body by the growth of an embryo or two. All going well, my hCG levels would be over 5mL by now, however this could be because DOT and SPOT are going well, OR because of the Pregnyl injections I have been giving myself every three days since the embryo transfer on 26 April.

Either way, there is enough hCG in my body currently to register a positive result when I POAS (pee on a stick). This has given me some hope – but I am definitely not over the hurdles yet. There is enough evidence to say that this positive result is purely a result of the Pregnyl injection. I do remember my last IVF session, where I tested myself!!! But as of this morning there was 25mL of hCG in my system.

The final result is almost here. I am really itching to know whether this final IVF session has worked. My symptoms have really diminished. I am not as bloated as I was in the first week of waiting, it really has come down to tender boobs and CM. Every now and then I will feel as though my sense of smell has increased (as well as my appetite) – but that is it. Oh, I guess there is also the fact that I am now late….

I am still relatively calm about the whole thing. I am just accepting what is happening. I guess there is nothing happening that is negative. Praise God. Praying that this continues. Taking each day as it comes, knowing that it will bring me closer to having a definite answer one way or the other.

Five days to go until test day….