Day 28: 10dp3dt – A dedication to the urine of pregnant women.

Today I gave myself what I believe to be the last ever injection of Pregnyl. As stated in one of my previous posts, Pregnyl is a concentrated form of hCG and is synthetically made using the urine of pregnant women.

I can not recall how many mL of Pregnyl I have injected into this body of mine over the years – but I would like to dedicate this post to every pregnant woman who has provided a sample of their urine for medicinal purposes. This injection has been used as a trigger injection for all five of my IVF sessions and for at least the past three sessions, has been used as a support during the dreadful two-week wait after the embryo transfer.

I believe some people are using hCG for weight loss. It seems ironic that I have not ever lost weight during my hCG treatments, as a matter of fact, I was hoping that by injecting myself, I would end up having a huge belly! 🙂

I am now back to one injection daily (Somatropin) and six tablets. I have been off my bipolar medication for over two weeks now – Whoop Whoop! I feel ‘normal’. Still with the tender boobs, CM and now two days late…..

For those about to embark on IVF or the 2ww – I would suggest getting to know your CM discharge pattern….. well. It may sound strange, weird or gross, but trust me – our bodies are wonderful machines and are very good at giving away clues of something ‘different’ going on. We just don’t know sometimes what signs to look for.

4 days to go until test day…..