Day 29: 11dp3dt – One month down!!

1 month pregnant … maybe (bloated)

Today my embryo/s will be two weeks old – but I would be considered one month pregnant (already!!!) That means, I could be having a baby in eight months. In fact, my due date would be 14 January, 2013!! This is hard to get my head around, when I still don’t even know for sure if I am pregnant.

All going well, SPOT and/or DOT are about 1/4 inch long – smaller than a grain of rice. This is so hard to imagine. Today, I would swear to you that there is about 50 SPOTs and DOTs in me. I am so bloated! I have also been passing a lot of wind. Sorry about the details, but I find that this type of information has always been helpful to read on other blogs when deciding if all is progressing as it should be. Hopefully my blog will help other women wondering if all is going along well during the dreaded two-week wait.

I am also feeling a bit tired. Yesterday I had so many cramps – some were really painful, so I am glad that there are not many cramps today – it feels more like pins and needles inside my abdomen. Tender boobs and CM again is all that there is to report – along with the fact I am now three days late. I am still calmly positive.

It has been a very rainy day in Perth today. I have mainly been reading and putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Along with the message from my step-daughter (previous post) – that about sums up my day.

Tomorrow, I will be babysitting my niece….. *big smiles*

Three days until test day.