Hope, Flowers and Adoption

I will need to speak to the hubster about the many thoughts swirling around in my head, however, I am strongly thinking that if this round of IVF does not work, we will adopt. This is a big step I know, but I feel very positive about it, particularly now that I know the hubster and I are fine regarding both of our ages! 🙂

Who knows, even IF this round of IVF DOES work, I may still look into this option down the track. The fact is, this is THE last IVF round for us. After this – finito. The hubster and I have been saying this for a while now and after the last attempt in 2010 – I went off the idea of having children completely. But I know the love I have to offer a child, whether it be mine biologically or not. I know that the hubster and I are very capable and willing of providing a safe environment for a child.

So, I might just get that trip to Mexico or Russia soon 🙂

I still have hope that this round of IVF has worked. I am just so scared at the moment. The HPT are showing very very faint positives, a very similar result to the last round of IVF which ended in a chemical pregnancy.

So, to try to brighten my day a bit today, I decided to go out in the garden with my camera to look for a picture perfect flower….. Here it is:

Isn’t God great? Look at that wonderful picture of nature. Such beauty and grace.