After a full day of crying and eating comfort food – look what just happened? This is not even after my morning urine! OMG. I am too scared to believe…. REALLY??? This is THE strongest yet.

Praying hard. Praying for a miracle. Please God. Please don’t let it be a chemical pregnancy!

I cancelled my acupuncture session today and I even allowed myself to eat some processed meat thinking that this session was all over for me.

I have just taken my medication, as I didn’t take it this morning…..

EDIT: I still can not believe it, so I have waited another 4 hours and look!!! This test is not as sensitive as the one previous. I would need to have at least 50 units of hCG in the system for this one to read positive!!

I would actually be two weeks and two days pregnant, but I am not going to stress too much – this is my late evening pee!