Ureaplasma, uro-genital scanning and other answers….

I have just come back after my WtF review with my fertility specialist. It was a 2hr and 30mins review. The reason for this was because I had sent an email to the Medical Director of my fertility centre who had highlighted some concerns of the consultants in our cases there.

The first was that the sperm transferred from our previous clinic was not tested prior to our treatment. As it happened, the sperm was difficult to find, very immature and overall not very suitable for our treatment. However, they went ahead any way. Despite my previous thoughts, we actually produced the worst embryo’s ever – even after DHEA and Human Growth Hormone. This clinic rates a Grade 4 as the highest and a Grade 1 as the lowest. The whole time I thought our Grade 1.5 was the best we had ever had!!!

I have never had an embryo above Grade 2.5 😦

The fertility specialist stated that despite my age currently, I am still considered at the highest change of success rates. That was a big relief. That success rate however is 35%. The doctor also recommended further tests. He stated that if something is wrong, it is going to be quite rare and not something that would be picked up by routine tests. As a result, he has suggested I go through a Hysteroscopy and Laparoscopy – where they can treat uterine fibroids, uterine polyps and remove adhesions of scar tissues inside the uterus if there is any present.

I also had a more specific blood test to check for toxoplasmosis, CMV, NK Cells, Thrombophilia, Brucellosis and the MTHFR Gene.  The hubster will need to have uro-genital screening prior to our next treatment if we go down this path.

One of the things that really surprised me was that there is Ureaplasma (a bacteria capable of colonising the genital tract) in my urine. This bacteria is spread to sexual partners and can remain undetected until specifically tested for it. I had this bacteria BEFORE my treatment started!! Had I have known this, I would have put the treatment on hold, cleared the bacteria and then also asked for a new sample of sperm from the hubster!!!!!

Well, it is what it is. I mean it really is! I can not undo what is done, but I am finally happy that I have some answers and that the clinic is doing more specific tests. They also stated that Melatonin may help too. So I will definitely be going down this path.

I feel happier for going to this review and am glad I did it.

Stay tuned……