Home Sweet Home

There is nothing like being in your own space. As nice as holidays can be, there is something about sleeping in your own bed, showering in you own shower and cooking in your own kitchen. After a long long long flight (did I mention it was long?) – I arrived home around 11pm last night. A late night shower was in hand, before I snuggled into the hubster arms and drifted off to sleep.

Before getting into the day’s business, I would like to discuss a few of the movies I watched on the flight. First, the recommendations: The Vow with Rachel McAdams and Tatum Channing (if you loved The Notebook this is for you!). New Years Eve – another ‘nice’ movie with a similar theme to Love Actually. Contraband with Marky Mark as the main star – a great suspense, action movie.

You may want to wait until the movie entitled Young Adult with Charlize Theron is on video. Not much of a movie here, but Theron plays a self-obsessed slightly crazy woman very well. Additionally, the Oscar-Winning movie The Artist (a black and white silent movie) did not keep my interest enough to watch more than the first 15 minutes.

So after a great night’s sleep, I was faced with unpacking seven weeks of clothes, along with gifts for my birthday etc. The worst part about packing so many clothes is unpacking so many clothes!

I then cooked the hubster my renown omelette, had a coffee AND a peppermint tea before having a deep discussion about the future with hubs. The hubster is unsure that he wants to do another round of IVF. As we had discussed that this was our last attempt, he had planned to travel more. He is also concerned about his age. I think he definitely needs more time (which he said). He can see how much I want this, but he is unsure when I would give up ….. he has a point there. In reality, I will give up when IVF is successful! 🙂 I am very much aware of the age factor, but I can not see that six months would make too much difference. Anyway, the timing wasn’t good to push this discussion further, but at least I know what the hubster’s concerns are. He asked if we could give it at least a week before we discuss options again in order to let the emotions out of the discussion. I was happy to do this, but I am scared how I would react if he tells me that he does not want to give it another go. I am not sure I can closed that door yet! Bloody infertility…. it creates so much tension.

Anyway, regardless, we are now both treating the ureaplasma with doxycycline and in September, we need to both be tested for it in order to ensure that the treatment has worked. Additionally, I have booked myself in for the hysteroscopy and laparoscopy when I next return to Perth in November. Hopefully, these two operations will rule out uterine polyps, fibroids and scarring on the uterus.

I will also be ensuring that the hubster looks into his blood pressure. Apparently his recent reading stated that it was quite high. So I will be dragging him to the doctor soon and getting him retested. If this needs to be treated, I will ensure that he gets the proper treatment.

I think that the hubster will allow an additional IVF treatment, I just think he needs to get his head around the fact that it will interfere into travel plans.

Stay tuned…..