Why I just added Dubai to my “Favourite Place and Space.”

I am an avid Pintrest fan. For those not in the know, Pintrest is a virtual pinboard site where people share their ‘pins’ or images into theme- based collections such as fashion, hobbies and wish lists.

Two of the customary collections which are set up whenever a person joins Pintrest are the pinboards entitled “Favourite Place and Spaces” and “Places I want to visit.”  I often see Dubai pinned on these boards and though I live but an hour’s drive away from this much-loved city, I could not bring myself to ‘pin’ Dubai as my “Favourite Place and Space” until today.

You see, despite the risk to your health of driving in the Emirate and the fact that the amount of road works and construction which goes on in Dubai can guarantee that the GPS is out-of-date the moment you purchase it, it has so much to offer.

Dubai for example has some of the most amazing malls I have ever seen. Dubai Mall, the world’s largest shopping mall, in particular is my favourite, with its massive aquarium,  ice-rink, high-end fashion stores, souks and of course, the array of restaurant which are situated around the popular water fountain which literally dances in time to set-music. For a wonderful display, click here to literally watch water dance to Whitney Houston’s “I will always love you.”

Right next to Dubai Mall is the tallest manmade structure in the world. The Burj Khalifa which proudly stands among Dubai’s skyline at 829.84m, is also known for having the world’s highest outdoor observation deck at 452m. For those looking to beat some more world records, a visit to the nightclub on the 144th floor will ensure that you have been to the world’s highest nightclub, or you can simply visit the restaurant on the 122nd floor  to experience dining at the world’s highest restaurant.  If you are looking to take a plunge (and by this I mean a swim, not a jump!), swimming in the pool  on the 76th floor will land you the honor of swimming in the second highest pool in the world.

For a day away from Dubai Mall, I like to head out to Emirates Mall where you can get away from the heat by escaping to the ski resort and trying your hand at skiing or if you are so inclined, hanging out with their newest attraction, the penguins!

Dubai definitely has many sights to lure the tourist and I can understand why those that have not yet experienced this wonderful city have it on their “Places I want to visit.” Like a teenager living in the modern world, Dubai offers a sense of excitement and bling unprecedented by any other city.  A meal on a dhow while exploring Deira Creek is a peaceful way to spend the evening, or for those looking for adventure, a desert safari where you can go sand-bashing and experience some of the traditional Arabic delights is a must.

Beach-goers are spoilt for choice, however Jumeriah Beach remains popular with tourists, as does a walk around Dubai Marina and the Jumeriah Beach Residential area. Those looking for more adventure in the water can try a day out at one of two major water-parks; Wild Wadi and Atlantis. Atlantis is my favourite, offering a 27.5m tall water slide called the “Leap of Faith” with a near-vertical  drop, catapulting riders into a transparent tunnel through a shark infested lagoon!

There is so much to do and see in Dubai that it is understandable why it has become a major tourist hub, appearing on so many wish lists of “Places I want to visit.” I hope that many of the “pinners” on Pintrest get the opportunity to explore this magical oasis in the desert. It definitely is a must-do on anyone’s bucket list.