Blood Test Results

I have just been given my  blood test results from those done prior to me leaving Perth for Abu Dhabi. All I can say is WOW!

I have insufficient Vitamin D.

My ovarian reserve is extremely low. The results of my Anti-Mullerian Hormone test can back at 4.5pmol/L where is should be between 15 and 30pmol/L!!!

After two injections, I am STILL not immune to Rubella.

Test results show that I have been exposed to the CMV virus. There is nothing that I can do to treat this, however it can be passed on from mother to child.

The positive Ureaplasma test (which showed negative in all previous tests, including March this year) was not fully validated as it does not meet the required standards.

Considering the ovarian reserve, it is surprising that I am still getting adequate eggs retrieved in all my previous cycles.

One step at a time I guess. Treat what I can (Rubella injection, Ureaplasma (just in case) and the Vitamin D) and pray for the best.