Putting work in its place

One of the best things I did while I was on my seven week break from work was to disable my phone from getting work emails. Well, in all honesty, the company had to change its domain name and there were some issues with me getting connection, so I just deleted the account from my phone.

The phone I am using is a personal phone, however as a manager in the organisation, I thought it would make sense to keep track of emails coming through while I am not at work.

Since returning, I have not enabled this function on my phone and I am loving it! I no longer am checking my phone while I am out with the hubster or with friends and all of a sudden work emails are very quickly sorted when coming into the office each morning.

I am finding I have more free time! My personal time is back to being just that – personal, not work time. I do not know why the human race feel so important some times that they can not take time out of work. Why must we feel like we must be in touch 24 hours 7 days a week?

When I think back to when I did have access to work emails on my phone, I struggle to remember when one of those emails could not have waited until I was back in the office. It is unfortunate that our society has moved towards instant access, encroaching on family time. Work-life-balance seems to just be a catch-phrase rather than a genuine belief.

I am a big believer of family first. This is not just a statement for me, I genuinely live this. If something is wrong with a family member, I drop everything and am there. There have been so many times in my life that I have done this, that the stories would fill many pages. Some examples are however when my Mum’s mother passed away. They lived in a different state about 8 hours drive away. I left work the moment I heard to be with my mother and then took a week off work to fly over and be with my grandmother’s family as well as to attend the funeral.

Additionally, we have flown to and from Australia so many times that we have now lost count, even if it is for a weekend, to see my step-son graduate, attend his 21st birthday and to be there when my niece was born. Despite the fact that I would love to explore countries close to where we now live, these plans are on hold as my brother will celebrate his 40th birthday in November, my mother will celebrate her 60th birthday in January and my step-daughter will turn 21 in March.

The reason I have this strong connection to my family is because they have always been there whenever I have fallen. My work does not genuinely care about my health, my niece or the fact that my dog died. But family will always understand how these things affect you. My mother for example took me to every single one of my IVF appointments. She was there holding my hand at the egg retrieval and the embryo transfer. Work would probably be more focussed on how they were going to get out of having to pay maternity leave.

In the end, in our dying days, our last wish will not be that I wish I had of worked more. Or that I wish I had of answered that email earlier. I can guarantee, that one of the wishes I will have is that I wished I had more time for my family.

Family first….