Enough of the medical testing already!

Well, after my recent failed IVF, I thought I would not have to see a doctor for some time and can just enjoy life for the time being – but no! This is not meant to be!

From my previous post, I mentioned a few issues regarding my blood work. As a result, I am in need of a Rubella vaccination. I also went to purchase Vitamin D from the pharmacy today – only to be advised that I need to see a doctor to determine the best international unit for my deficiency.

I also noticed today that I have run out of Cipralix (anti-depressant) – so I needed to make an urgent appointment with my psychiatrist to get a script.

Finally – as some of you may remember, one of the “fall-back” plans if IVF did not succeed was to focus on my scuba diving. I have transferred my diving master training from Perth to Abu Dhabi and now this dive shop requires a diving medical clearance! So I have made an appointment to see the diving doctor.

I am SO fed up with seeing medical specialists. I just want a break from all of this. PLEASE!