What were they thinking?

With the surname of “Meh” is can be very difficult to find a christian name that goes well with this name. The surname is often pronounced as “me” but is in fact said just like the word when people don’t really care what is going on…meh.

So, knowing this, who in their right mind would call their daughter Justine Meh. Think about it. How often as a teenage girl do you think I faced a barrage of laughs when the teacher called out my name as: Just in me!

So, as a young girl, all I could think about was how wonderful it would be to eventually get married and have my surname changed. I am a traditionalist, so of course I would take my husband’s surname without a doubt. I often dreamt about being Justine Jackman or Justine Burns, but instead I met and fell in love with a man whose surname was Cunn. Now I don’t like swearing and I HATE the word whereby you would drop the second ‘n’ in his surname and replace it with a’ t’. But of course, this is what people would do.

I was now faced with being Justine Cunn!! After years of being laughed at for being Justine Meh – I couldn’t believe my luck! So, being the traditionalist, I took my husband’s surname and for two years was embarrassed every time I had to say my name. As it happened, my paternal grandfather (who I was very close to) died about a year after my wedding and by the second year of marriage the hubster and I were facing marriage difficulties. When I separated from him, I took back my maiden name, however was faced with a major dilemma about what to do once we reunited.

I opted for the double-barrel surname in recognition of my grandfather and my husband. Yes, laugh away – my full name is now Justine Meh-Cunn! Or as they like to say Just in me cun#

When choosing for a child’s name I have to be very thoughtful. I know the hubster would like for our child to have his surname, but if it is a girl, I just don’t know what the best answer is. I know that if my daughter does just take her father’s surname I can not name her anything beginning with A, I or U. The embarrassment of being A. Cunn, I. Cunn or U. Cunn will not be hers to bear. The same can be said for our son. However, if our child (a.k.a miracle) is to be a boy, I would definitely want him to have the double-barrelled surname so that we can be attempt to try to pass down this unique surname through generations (yes, I know… why right?)

I can not believe my luck. Of all the surnames in the world, I had to fall in love with a Cunn 🙂