Amsterdam (Debauchery) Calling

Well, hubster’s work has decided against going to Hamburg now and therefore hubster and I get to spend a week in Amsterdam instead. I am a little bit sad, as I was looking forward to meeting a fellow blogger, but on the other hand, I am also very excited as I start to explore what we can do/see in this exciting city.

According to Wikipedia, Amsterdam’s main attractions include historic canals, the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, Stedelijk Museum, Hermitage Amsterdam, Anne Frank House, Amsterdam Museum, its red-light district, and its many cannabis coffee shops! Did somebody say red-light district and cannabis? It sounds like a city of debauchery and sin….. much up my alley after a year and a half living in an Islamic city. I can not remember the last time I dabbled in cannabis, but I can tell you one thing, I have never done it legally! Seeing as though I am not pregnant, why not?

Apart from the Museums and debauchery, I am actually really looking forward to seeing the architecture in Amsterdam and seeing all the cyclists, while witnessing what a relatively car-free city looks like!

In addition to the sights available, there are four festivals occurring while we are visiting:

Holland Festival  June 1 – 28 With an international line-up of performers in an almost boundless variety of disciplines — theater, dance, music, opera and more — the Holland Festival treats Amsterdam to almost a month of world-class .

ITs Festival Amsterdam  June 21 – 28 The International Theatre School Festival Amsterdam invites over 200 theatrical talents to perform in more than 70 diverse productions in its nine-day run.

Gay & Lesbian Summer Festival  June 22 – August 2 This extended film festival culminates in a 10-film marathon of the year’s best LGBTQ films at the Rialto cinema, amid the raucous festivities of Amsterdam Pride!!! (You would never find anything like this in Abu Dhabi!)

Amsterdam Roots Festival 22nd to the 26th June Amsterdam certainly knows how to hold a music festival, with the roots being another excellent event this time focussing on a diverse range of world music. Listen to some new sounds from across the globe. This festival is held at several venues across Amsterdam. For further info visit here.

While we are visiting this city, why not enjoy the raucous festivities of Amsterdam Pride!

It all sounds like a city which is best to visit when you are single, but nonetheless, I am looking forward to it!

22 days to go!