I’m a pill popper!

Life before my bipolar diagnoses saw me being pill free! I wouldn’t even take a Panadol if I could get by without it. How the world has changed!

I now take at least (minimum) two tablets a day. An anti-depressant and my bipolar medication. If I wasn’t going to do another round of IVF that would be it. All in all, not too bad.

BUT… I AM doing another round of IVF, and with six months to go, the doctors have already got my body getting prepared. I have given the doctors the three-fingered salute and like a good girl guide have gone about purchasing and popping pills regularly. Let’s see, at the moment my routine looks like this:

MORNING: Lamotrogine, Cipralex, Vitamin D, Doxycycline, Omega 3, CoQ10, DHEA, hGH

EVENING: Doxycycline, Melatonin, DHEA

The worst part of taking these pills is the exhorbitant costs that these little suckers cost along with the fact that I have to remember to take the damn things.

Not being a fan of pill-popping, I have this incredible skill of completely forgetting to take the required medication, but I am working on it, attempting to formulate a habit.

The other thing I hate about taking all this medication is that when I travel, it looks like I am a druggie, either with major issues or a drug pusher. The DHEA and the hGH cause major dramas with me having to ensure I have a certified copy of my prescription, along with a doctor’s letter stating the amount I must take and why I must take this medication. Not only that, I need to take this particular medication ON the plane and it must be refrigerated or in a bag with dry-ice. A standard ice-cooler that you may find in the everyday household freezer will not do as liquids over 50-100mg (depending on airline carrier) are a big no-no.

This becomes a hell of a lot scarier when you are travelling through Dubai or Abu Dhabi which tends to have a guilty until proven innocent mentality with drugs.

So, little ole me, who has a police record a lot longer than I would ever admit to BUT is now totally and sweetly innocent, travels with my  breath sucked in every time I see a security guard and prays to God that I will yet again be free to pass through customs without being tackled to the ground, with guns pointing at my head as they handcuff me and take me to a secure room for interrogation. One police check and I am doomed to spend time in jail, for sure!

But for now, I will continue to do as the doctors ask and pray that at the end of this journey I will have in my arms a baby made from my own little eggs which would be of such superior quality due to the drugs and of course the hubster’s amazingly virile, mobile and outstanding sperm!

Here’s hoping….