My expensive date with Her Madgesty!

I happened to be in the right place at the right time to see the Queen of Pop perform at Du Arena  in Abu Dhabi last night. About September last year, rumours were abound that the Material Girl was coming out for a concert on 3 June, 2012. So, knowing that I would not be the only one to swoon over the date, I registered on Madge’s personal website in order to secure pre-sale tickets. The hubster has always ingrained in me that the early bird catches the worm, so I did all I could to ensure that I was going to be there, seeing Her Madgesty sing live! It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Little did I know at the time, that I had registered too early. The fee was $29 (US), but it only allowed you to buy pre-sale tickets for that week! Pre-sale tickets for Abu Dhabi, wouldn’t go on sale for a few weeks later.

So, I made a calendar note, to register online a few days before the pre-sale tickets and paid my $29 (US) again, which supposedly enabled me to not only get pre-sale tickets, but to get a free prize – which I selected lanyards. Well, these lanyards were not sent out. Not one to get caught up on the little things, I let this oversight go and focussed on getting my pre-sale tickets. An email was sent at midday to advise that I could now purchase my tickets. Being in a meeting at the time, I quickly excused myself, went online via my Iphone and ordered the cheapest tickets available at approximately 250 Euro each or approximately 1,150 dirham each. I was stoked to hear that the next day, the concert had been fully booked out and that general tickets were proven beyond difficult to purchase!

But this joy was short-lived when I realised that what I had purchased were General Admission tickets which were being sold for 250 dirham each!! Not only that, another concert for the 4 June was later announced. This concert even today has not been sold out and yesterday I heard that they were now selling tickets at half price!!!   GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Anywho, letting bygones be bygones, we were still excited to see Madonna live. We were also excited to be invited to a pre-concert dinner with our friends, enabling us to park for free, have a feed and of course consume a few beverages prior to seeing the show of a life-time. Abu Dhabi had gone all out to ensure this concert was a success. Marketing and Advertising in the lead up to the concert was broadcast at every opportunity.

Despite the hubster and I feeling sick (again), we dressed up and headed out. The dinner was a great lead up to the night, with lots of laughs (particularly at my expense for paying such an exorbitant cost for the tickets!)

As our friends toddled off to the GrandStand, we minions entered the General Admissions area, and found our patch of grass to call home at around 9pm. For the next half-an-hour our eardrums were tortured with house/electronic music, our body temperature slowly increasing as crowds of people slowly claimed their patch of grass next to us, and hundreds more tried to squeeze their way closer to the stage. Water was selling out like hotcakes and people were eventually unable to buy water, but alcohol was still readily available. The queues for food and beverages were beyond ridiculous and my body temperature started rising in tune with my impatience.

While waiting for Madonna to come on stage, the organisers thought that back-filling the arena with radio songs from Michael Jackson would be suitable, along with setting the lights on full force. The crowds were getting a sense of what it would be like to be Madge singing and dancing on stage. Perspiration was dripping from every pore – and not just on my own body. Sometime during the wait for Madonna, I was flicked a pool of sweat from a fellow concert-goer as he wiped he brow! (Noice…. not!)

As if this wasn’t enough, we were surrounded (and I mean surrounded) by smokers. As a non-smoker with sensitive lungs, this really played to my impatience and I was starting to think I would be better of at home than in this crowd. As every MJ song ended and the next began, the crowd started booing…. and rightly so. The advise the crowd that gates open at 7pm and then to not come onto stage until 10:45pm is really treating your fans with contempt.

As the lights finally dimmed, the crowd huddled together even more (I honestly did not think it was possible) and I found myself separated from my husband and standing right behind a guy that was about six feet eleven! There was nowhere to move. I tried to get the hubster closer to me, but it looked like we would need to move back from the surging crowd. Deciding that it was just too much, I gave in to the crowd and walked to the back, where I saw that water had arrived! I went to purchase a 2-for-1 water deal only to realise that this was not a deal at all…. this cost 10 AED AND the water was not even cold!

Unwilling to try to return to our original spots in the crowd, the hubster and I watched the concert from the back and I was fortunate enough to spot the Material Girl on stage, but mainly had to resort to the large video screens. As I stood there, my feet aching, smoke being blown in my face, perspiring and being bumped from clumsy fellow concert-goers, I said to my husband, that I could be watching this on a video screen in the comfort of my own home. To which, he stated that he had downloaded the video the other night.

Not willing to give up just yet, I tried to find a better viewing point and was shocked to see some of the graphic violent images and hear the lyrics to some of Madge’s newest songs. These were in the similar style of Quentin Tarantino, with guns, crucifixes and blood smears as Madonna sings about killing her lover dead. The song Gang Bang really did it for me; the lyrics at the end of this song are:

Now  drive bitch

I  said drive bitch

And  while you’re at it, die bitch

That’s  right drive bitch

Now  drive bitch

I  said drive bitch

And  while you’re at it, die bitch

That’s  right drive bitch

Now  if you’re gonna act like a  bitch

Then  you’re gonna die like a  bitch

Here is a link to the video for it:

THIS in my opinion is not clever song-writing, but not only that – Madonna was lip-syncing for about 80% of the songs AND when she did sing, her voice was so heavily synthesized that it sounded like I was listening to a computer sing!

Now, in some cases, I guess I have myself to blame. My expectations were too high AND I was naive in thinking that Her Madgesty would perform more of her older songs. I guess I am now getting too old… Maybe I am still stuck in the 80’s when Madonna really performed some great hits!

So will I be going for a second date with the Material Girl….. Unfortunately I think not. Our paths have taken a different turn. She is not the woman I once knew. She will forever remain a favourite memory but nothing more.

To top the night off, I realised this morning that I somehow dropped a 100 AED note on the night. Total cost for the evening: 2760 AED + 58 USD

Heart = broken.