My enTITLEment

I am in a laughable situation at work whereby my direct report has a title more senior than mine. That’s right, I am a Marketing Manager, while my 2IC is entitled “Senior Marketing Manager!”

To the SMM and everyone else in the company (including HR) and the external world, this does not make any sense, but for some reason the CEO refuses to budge. This has been a topic of discussion that I have had with the CEO for the past eight months. When I first mentioned it, he stated that he did not want any more Directors in the organisation (which is fair enough), but I have put it to HR that a change in title to say “Head of Marketing” would make the reporting lines much clearer.

The CEO still refuses to budge. In order to try to make things smoother for the CEO, the Acting HR Manager suggested that perhaps we change the title of the Senior Marketing Manager to Marketing Officer….. Hmmm – that’s motivational! I am sure that he would be very happy with this…. NOT!

So, being the considerate person that I am, I have decided to make a list of titles for me that may be of assistance:

Circus Manager

This title clearly illustrates the clowns that I have to manage on a daily basis.


Again, this title describes the constant issues that I must deal with on a daily basis in order to “put out the fire”. These little fires are the bain of my job!

Zoo Keeper

This title depicts the animals that I must deal with regularly in my role. The cheetahs, the baboons, those whose barks are more fierce than their bite and the snakes!

I think this is a good list to start off with, but please if you can think of any others, let me know!