Falling Forward

The hubster and I have had a few “deep and meaningfuls” lately regarding our stay in Abu Dhabi. His work is really grating him the wrong way and I can completely understand his point of view.

I have experienced the same lack of respect he is currently facing, even though his experience and expertise in his field is over and above any other employee in the organisation. The hubster will not roll over on issues he knows are wrong and unfortunately this does not go down well with the locals.

As a result, the hubster has been kept out of strategic meetings and pushed aside from important decisions in favour of his 2IC (a local). Whenever the Chairman requests presentations or information however, it is my hubster who is asked to provide the detail, only for this information to be presented by the locals.

This in my mind, is called using and abusing. As a result, he is fed up. He is now looking at taking control of the situation and looking for the next opportunity, resulting in cutting his contract short with his company.

His first port of call was his previous company in Australia. When he told me this, I was obviously dragging my feet and did not (yet) want to return ‘home.’ I recalled the frustration he had with his previous boss, but he wasn’t having a bar of it… I think he was of the view that anything would be better than what he is currently facing. So, with trepidation, I awaited his feedback after his phone call with his ex-boss. The news: Nothing is currently available. PHEW! I breathed a sigh of relief, but am of course concerned about the hubster.

Ordinarily I would celebrate change, but in my mind change is not returning to your old roots. I have supported the hubster with every move he has made from Melbourne, Australia to Perth, Australia and from Perth, Australia to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. This has resulted in me having to make new friends, find a new place to call home and of course find a new job. I am starting to want stability. I’m getting old…. I know!

Though I do not see Abu Dhabi as being our final resting place, this Emirate has been a large part of saving me. It is here that I declared my promise to be a better wife, to cut down on the consumption of alcohol. The slower lifestyle and family feel to Abu Dhabi has made me refocus on what is truly important. As a result, the hubster and I have strengthened our relationship and I am a much more confident and happier person.

By returning to Australia, I fear that all of this will come undone, as we slowly return to our old lives, with our old friends who are so used to me being the life of the party. I know that Perth is a bad influence on me (apart from my family) – this is evidenced from when I started my seven week holiday and got blind drunk on one of the first evenings I was there – despite promising myself that I wouldn’t.

But, I can not ignore my husband’s pleas. I have walked in his shoes – I know exactly the feeling of the blood boiling whenever your advise is ignored.

So, I must let go, I must be able to go with the flow, yet again. I put my life in the hands of God and pray that he will guide us to a resolution that is good for both of us. I have assisted the hubster in finding a new opportunity and will continue to do so.

Last night, the hubster told me he felt he had failed. That we signed a contract for three years at least in Abu Dhabi. This really touched me as he is far beyond a failure in my eyes; he has not failed, his organisation has failed him! They are not getting the best out of their employees. The day that the hubster gives notice will be the day they realise they have failed. My hubster is moving forward ….. falling forward.