Lost Opportunities

I truly believe that opportunities come knocking at your door every now and then, and sometimes from the most unexpected places. For those movie buffs who have seen “Sliding Doors” – this is an example of two different paths a life can take depending on a moment in time.

There have been a few ‘sliding doors’ moments for me, but a big one was when I decided to forgo a path of going to South Korea to teach English in order to stay with my then off-and-on-again boyfriend. This is the simple version. The long version is that I had undergone all of the tests in order to be certified to teach English in South Korea, had got a visa in my passport and a flight ticket to head out, however as the off-and-on-again boyfriend drove me to the airport, he begged that I give him another go. I wanted this more than anything at the time and therefore called my contact in South Korea and told her I had changed my mind.

The ex and I then went out to the local swimming pool where he then told me he wanted to cool things off between us, that there was another woman he had been seeing! I couldn’t believe it!! Hours after begging for me to return to him, he was breaking it off with me again. That was to be the last time he ever got a chance at me. In fact, I then started looking for work and fortunately was luckily enough to secure a temp job as a Personal Assistant that very afternoon, where on 14 February 2003, I said hello to the man who would later on become my husband!

Little did I know my future husband was waiting for me in Australia as my ex broke things off with me hours before I was to get on a plane to South Korea.

I like to think of myself as being fair when offering opportunities to others, however I have certain expectations. For example, today, SIX WEEKS after sending an email to a company in order to do business with them, they finally contacted me. Here they were trying to sell their goods to me AND telling me that they were much better than any other organisation offering the same type of service, when I had already signed a contract with their competitor. Please explain HOW they are better than their competition when it takes them SIX WEEKS to return a potential customer’s inquiry.

Life throws opportunities around for people, sometimes they are blatantly in their faces, but they just can’t see it. I know I have lost a few opportunities, but I am working of being better at just putting my life in the hands of faith and God and saying….. let’s go for a ride 🙂

Oh and if opportunity doesn’t know…. build a door!