The risks we take…

Today I offered a complete stranger a lift to the nearest taxi rank. It is scorching hot outside at the moment and she was seriously unsure of what to do, so I extended my chauffeur services to her…

As I dropped her off at the rank, I drove away thinking how many times I have put my life in the hands of complete strangers. Not only could this have been disastrous in terms of not knowing what the other person is capable of doing, but I also have no idea of what they are like as a driver!

Trust me, I have had to ask a woman to please pull over as I was scared for my life! Her driving was beyond manic.

But I think the must riskiest decision I was involved in was when we arrived in New Zealand on the first day of our honeymoon. Proving that I trusted my husband, I allowed him to make a decision that could have cost us our lives. Upon walking out of the terminal at Auckland, a man approached us offering us a free trip to the city, if we would travel with him where another car was waiting and then to follow him to another location. I am not too sure what the hubster thought, but I soon found myself in a stranger’s car, in a strange city, wondering what the hell I was doing there. The man could have been taking us anywhere – how were we to know where he was heading? Ordinarily, as a female, I have a very sensitive radar whenever it comes to proposals out of the ordinary – particularly by men.

Note towel around legs!! 🙂

The man could have been an Ivan Milat copycat. All sorts of horrible scenarios where passing through my mind, when eventually we turned into a driveway of what looked like an old tyre warehouse. Now correct me if I am wrong, but don’t many killings on TV take place in a warehouse? Accuse me of having an over-productive mind, but I am a freaking Aries, people – we are massively security conscious. I am the kind of person that double checks that the doors are locked, that the iron has been turned off and that a risk management plan is in place whenever we have visitors with children.

So, with a massive amount of courage, I make the hubster go out to discuss the details of picking up the second car, with my eyes placed firmly on the exit points as I plan my escape from an axe-wielding serial killer! Fortunately, the hubster is given a set of keys and we are soon in a white Toyota Corolla, now following our guide to the city. As I start seeing signs towards Auckland central, I start breathing a small sigh of relief. The man guides us to the central bus station, whereby we shake hands and smiles before heading off to the Auckland marina.

AND….. after escaping with our lives from the conjured up mass-murderer, the hubster and I decide to take the plunge (again) and bungy off the Auckland Harbour Bridge. Our first bungy jump – later to be followed by another in Bali….. now that’s taking a risk!