Health Care

Yesterday I wrote a piece on the risks we take with our lives. Today’s post is along the same lines, but this time where we put our lives in so-called specialists’ hands.

Coming from Australia, I have never had to think twice about the quality of care I would receive when undergoing an operation or procedure. Sure, I may get a second opinion regarding a diagnosis, but overall, I can attest that Australia has a pretty good healthcare system, particularly for those with private health care insurance.

Now living in Abu Dhabi (and working in the health care industry), I am terrified of having any type of medical procedure locally. From going to the dentist to a general check-up, I just do not trust many of the doctors in the Emirate. It’s not that you can not find good doctors, it is more the fact that the majority of hospitals are run by ‘specialists’ whose training is more along the lines of basic than the advanced quality you would get in Australia.

For example, I sought assistance regarding IVF here from a so-called British Medical Center. The lady who I saw was Egyptian and told me that the advise I had received in Australia was incorrect, that you could not get hGH or DHEA in the whole of the United Arab Emirates AND that she would recommend a micro-IVF treatment – whereby they treat with only the one ‘naturally’ produced egg!

I quickly ran for the hills. Deciding there and then that my next IVF treatment would be in Australia. I later found out that you could indeed get hGH and DHEA in Abu Dhabi and that unlike in Australia, no doctor here offers a MESA (type of sperm aspiration) which our doctor in Australia recommends for the hubster.

As part of the post-treatment from our fifth failed IVF procedure in Australia, the doctors recommended that I undertake a laparoscopy/hysteroscopy and endometrial biopsy in order to look for and treat any uterine polyps, fibroids, scarring and to ascertain the numbers of natural killer cells.

Now… I could pay another $4,000 for flights/accommodation/car-rental and take leave without pay (yet again) to have this procedure done in Australia OR I can just bite the bullet and get this done here.

I am literally terrified! The whole saying here from expats is get sick – get home! Even the locals themselves prefer to fly to Germany whenever they need treatment instead of staying home.

I have decided to at lest have a consultation with one or two doctors here before making up my mind.

What would you do?