I’ve lost two tubs of butter!

Following on from my post yesterday about breaking up with my favourite Haargen Darzs Ice-Cream, this morning, when weighing myself, I noticed I had dropped 500g. Now…. 500 grams is not a lot of weight, but when you consider it is two tubs of butter…. than you get a real picture of the weight lost.

For some reason, after every round of IVF I find that I put on a few kilos. So, after being half-heartedly dieting, I am now motivated to take this weight off. It is not a lot, but I have found my clothes fitting a little more snuggly than I would like them to. So, I am breaking it up! I have 900 grams to lose to reach Goal Weight 1. This will ideally be reached by next Thursday.

Following on from that, my next goal will be to lose 2 additional kilos. I am giving myself until the end of October to reach this goal and then I will want to stabilise before undertaking the next IVF round!

In order to achieve this, I have just joined up with a personal trainer AND I will be undertaking a strict Dukin Diet regime. I am a firm believer that there are good days and bad days whenever you are watching your weight – but if I can ensure that the majority of days are good days – then I am hopeful that I will reach my goals.

So, wish me luck – I will keep you updated!