I’ve come undone!

I am a planner. I plan months ahead for certain situations, and thankfully, when things don’t go the way I have planned, I usually have time to find a solution. But… I’ve come undone!

After coming back from my 5th failed IVF, I planned to get my Dive Master qualification. The issue is that I needed a medical certificate, which the doctors in Abu Dhabi are unwilling to provide, seeing as though I take medication for the treatment of bipolar. This is frustrating, as the diving standards do not state that I am unable to dive – that it is up to the doctor’s discretion. I have never had an issue in Australia with this, so I am stranded at the moment.

In addition, I have been asked by my doctors in Australia to have a hysteroscopy/laparoscopy and endometrial biopsy to search for uterine fibroids, polyps and scarring as well as to ascertain natural killer cell count.

I have been advised that there are two doctors in Abu Dhabi who potentially can provide this service. The first doctor, I visited today. I gave her a detailed update of my IVF issues and after this, she advised that she can do the hysteroscopy/laparoscopy but that health insurances in the UAE will not cover the costs (10,000 AED) due to it being infertility related!!!!

Now, I work in the healthcare system in Abu Dhabi and I know a few things …. firstly, a hysteroscopy/laparoscopy can be required for a variety of gynaecological issues (irregular periods for example) so when I inquired about whether there was a way that the doctor could state that I needed the treatment for some other condition, she stated no. Additionally, she does not recommend the endometrial biopsy as if natural killer cells as found, there is apparently nothing that can be done to treat it. She recommended a different process whereby antibodies from my husband’s lymphatic nodes are collected and injected into me. This is not what I saw the doctor for and therefore I asked if she could do the endometrial biopsy, whereby after a conversation of repeating her lack of recommendation, we got to the stage that she could do it, but refused to do so!!

So, I walked out of her consultation room and just wanted to burst into tears. Why oh why do doctors play God with our lives? Unfortunately I couldn’t reach the hubster as he was in a meeting and I felt very alone. Eventually, the hubster responded to me text to advise that it was no issue, I could get the treatment in Oz as originally planned in November. The thing is, I am trying to arrange a surprise for Father’s Day for him, whereby I would fly him to see his kids in September and if I can get the treatment here, we wont have to go to Australia in November too! (And then December for Christmas!)

So, I contacted the second doctor and tried to make an appointment. The receptionist advised me that they only take new patient appointments on Saturdays. Now, please bear with me when I state that as a working woman, my weekends are treasured – I mean cherished, adored! I know that if you want something, you gotta roll with the punches, but the woman seemed so rude, that I just said Saturday didn’t suit me and she advised she couldn’t assist then. So I hung up!

I need to breathe. I need time to reflect. Fortunately, being in the healthcare industry has one benefit – and that is the doctors all know one another and so when I was explaining to my work colleague my frustration, he advised that he knew the doctor who supposedly didn’t take new patients on any day but Saturday and would speak to them about my case….

So, let’s wait and see. At the moment, I am just sitting with my feelings… I’m undone….. for now…. but I’ll find the zip somewhere! 🙂

EDIT: To add insult to my injuries, I finally found the self-belief to ring the second doctor again and was asked to leave my contact details in order for the receptionist to call me back. At 4:55pm, I hadn’t heard from them, so I contacted the center again, only to get an answering machine which advises me that they close at 1pm today!!!