Behold the male ego….

I was reading somewhere yesterday that a man will never admit to two things:

1) Being a bad driver

2) Being bad in bed

I haven’t done a survey on this, but I am sure in a few drunken conversations with men, that a few have admitted to being unsure of how exactly to please a woman in bed. In fact, many like to joke about this particular issue.

Now, I love my hubster to pieces and as a Vice-President of a very successful company, I am very proud of him. But…. (and you had to see this coming)… in his mind, he is as much as a success as a handyman as he is in the board-room. I tend to disagree. As much as I like seeing him with tools, a drill for example is not one of them. In fact, he is much better with a pen than a screwdriver.

To add to this, I was brought up by a blue-collar father, who worked in the aviation industry as a licensed aircraft maintenance engineer. He has a mind that works very differently to my husband’s. He also spent a lot of time with his doting daughter (that would be me) as we both worked in his garage fixing things (oil changes, soldering etc). I am quite proud that majority of the time, I have been able to do my share around the house whenever it comes to maintenance or even putting together the ole Ikea-bought cabinet.

Back to the hubster though, he can not admit that he is nothing like “Tim the Toolman” from Home Improvement. He would much prefer to act all heroic and macho, while destroying our walls and cabinets, then get help from someone who has much more capability than him. And this is coming from a man whose sole purpose in life is to delegate work to the best person in the company in order to ensure the task is done properly, on time and with minimum interruption. Today, I decided I wanted to hang up some artwork in the house. I have been telling the hubster for about five months that I wanted to hang it up, but the artwork this morning was still found on the ground in front of the location where I wanted it hung. So, I decided to grab the drill and get the damned artwork hung once and for all.

Nothing, I mean nothing, makes an egotistical man jump more quickly, than seeing a woman with his tools. All of a sudden, the computer is turned off, the blackberry pushed aside and the pen taken away from the back of his ear, to ensure that his ego is not harmed by his wife doing a job that he has neglected for months! Now, why has he neglected this task? Because, he knows that he is yet again going to desecrate the wall, requiring patchwork and paint to fix his horrific drilling!

So, not wanting to emancipate the hubster, I allow him to do the task and place the drill next to the artwork. Guess what is happening now? The drill and artwork are still on the ground and he is back to his computer. (I wonder if he is doing research on how to best hang the artwork!)

I am heading off to the local hardware shop soon in order to buy filler. I just can not bear to watch the awkwardness of the hubster with a handyman tool in his hands…. It’s a bit like watching a right-handed person write with their left hand…. It’s unnatural.

Oh Dad… please come and visit us soon!