Challenge Accepted

For anyone who watches “How I meet your Mother” you would know that the statement “challenge accepted” is from Neil Patrick Harris’ character Barney.

But just imagine being a house guest at British poet Lord Byron’s summer home, the Villa Diodatiby Lake Genova in Cologny, Switzerland on a rainy June in 1816, where he reads a selection of short fantastical stories, then challenges you, along with  Percy Shelley, Mary Shelley, Claire Clairmont, and John Polidori to write a ghost story, inspired by this reading. I would have loved to have been there and in the good ole Barney way state the two simple words: Challenge Accepted!

The incessant rain, during a “wet, ungenial summer’ at the time of this house visit in June 1816 could be partially responsible for such literary geniuses such as Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, John Polidori’s The Vampyre (influencing Bram Stocker to write Dracula)  and Byron writing the poem Darkness.

I love this little anecdote of information. I love the fact that from a rainy few days, friends gathered together, read a few stories and then created a challenge between them – not knowing how great the end result would be.

So, challenge yourself to be the best you can be. Do not fear a challenge, but rather embrace it – you never know where it may lead you.