Dear Diet Gods

I am in a letter writing kind of mood, so here is my latest installment:

Dear Diet Gods,

It has been six days since the scales showed any decrease in weight. SIX DAYS! During that time I have tried everything, and when I say everything I mean, amping up the exercise, reducing the amount of food I am eating, sticking to just proteins, added extra vitamins and minerals, increased water intake… but I ask you now, what the hell will it take for a reduction? I mean, I am giving up my incessant desire for sweet food and carbohydrates. I am sticking to boring meals that do not really satisfy my desires.

Now don’t tell me muscle weighs more than fat – I know that, but seriously, I have been sticking mainly to aerobic exercise and I sincerely doubt that my muscles have increased that much in six days – additionally my clothes still feel a bit snug.

I had a plan, diet Gods, that would see me loose 500 g in one week and 500 g the following week. According the EVERY diet website I have looked into, that is quite a manageable goal. I am not being greedy. 5oo g! Now I know that I lost the first 500 g the day after breaking up with my beloved Haargen Darzs ice-cream, but it has been a week now and still no further reduction!

I am sick and tired of the hope that you give me also when I weigh myself at night and think that the next day will finally be the day that I see a reduction on the scales…. yet they mock me, bringing up the exact same number, even when ordinarily I would lose 1kg overnight!

I don’t care if it is a mere 100g reduction, at least then it is heading down the right track, but I swear to you, diet Gods, if I see the damned same number again tomorrow I am going to throw one hell of a pre-menstural-middle-aged-woman-on-a-diet tantrum! This could mean the scales will be sent flying!

Yes, I have resorted to threatening you now. That is how desperate I am.

Until tomorrow….