Change Management…

Our workplace is going through a period of change. Finally, after six months of stalling, we have a solution! A new leader…. What changes this new director will bring to the organisation is anyone’s guess, and people are running around as though the sky is falling!

I am totally embracing this change. Something had to happen. The organisation could not continue the way it was going. Sure, I do not know whether my position at the company is safe, but I do know that I have done the best I can under the current situation. Do I think I am without flaws? Hell no! The lack of motivation has seen the hours I have put in during the past six months slowly dwindle, whereby coming into the office at 11am would not raise an eyebrow. So sure, the nice sleep-ins will have to change, the time I have spent writing on this blog may diminish, but hell yes, give me some challenges, let me prove my worth.

So what if tomorrow I am without a job? Well, this is really out of my control. All things happen for a reason and you never know what this new change may bring; a better salary, a mentor, wonderful colleagues. I am a firm believer that there is good and bad in any situation – so, me? Well I am not worried, I am just sitting here, doing what I usually do and hoping that this change will bring more good than bad. Whatever happens, it is only a job. This does not define my life.

So bring it! The only very sad and frustrating thing is that all the announcements will be taking place while I am in Amsterdam!!! Fortunately I have a few good friends at work who I am sure will keep me updated. Damn it… I love this stuff. Forgive me please, but my adrenaline is pumping! Things are finally happening in the workplace and I am about to go on leave!!

So….. watch out Netherlands….. Imma coming!