Listen with your eyes!

One of the things I remember the most from attending Sunday School at the age of three is the song “I can sing a rainbow” [excuse the awesome promotion of my home country Australia in this video :)]

There is a line in this song which states: Listen with your eyes. I used to get ridiculed by friends and family for singing this song the wrong way – they would correct me to say that the words are listen with your ears instead. While this IS a line in the song too, the ridiculed line also exist. But many people fail to hear it. How does one listen with their eyes??

Herein lie a major dilemma which sums up my world currently. People are not listening properly. In the first instance, people are using too much of their mouth when communicating, then when they do listen, it is mainly through their ears. But it is through the eyes that we need to listen through the most. After all, actions speak louder than words!

I asked my good blogger friend Paul who writes about topical articles from a God perspective, to write about the need for people to listen. I loved his comment that:  It takes more faith to hear God when nothing is going.

A lack of words does not mean that things are going bad or south does it? Our eyes can show us that people sometimes need time out, or that life itself is beyond words.

My last few posts about changebeing a bitch and magical moments all relate to listening with your eyes. I can see change happening around me. In fact it is overwhelming. But maybe I need to listen more, stop being a bitch and see these moments for what they are: magical. I have options. I know that I need to re-colour my hair back to blonde – thankfully have the resources to do that and can rest assured that I didn’t need THAT particular change in the first place. I can see that living here in AD is not the final answer for the husbter and I. I can see what living here does to us. I don’t need words to know this.

Perhaps God (or if you prefer fate, destiny or life) is trying to tell me something. Perhaps I need to spend more time listening with my eyes – even if I do get ridiculed for it!

How about you?