Give us this day our daily bread….

Five days ago I dumped the Atkins diet. I found that I was getting nowhere with it either. I am back on a more rounded diet consisting of fruits (how I have missed my fruit), bread and dairy, instead of focussing only on proteins and vegetables. I have also been exercising every day for the past five days. I have a new motto: “Don’t give up until you are proud!”

I really like this motto, it is what I say to myself when pushing myself to the limit, when I just don’t think I can run that last two minutes…. it helps me to keep going.

The only problem is, I have put on weight. I can put my hand to my heart and swear that I have not cheated. I am finding that fruit in itself is enough of a ‘dessert’ or treat so am not even interested in chocolate, ice-cream or crisps.

I know that my body feels toned, but this is really depressing. I have my head in my hands right now and am searching for answers. I shouldn’t be holding water (probably next week) – so what the hell? Yes, it is only a kilo – but fair play. I have been trying for weeks, WEEKS to lose the extra few kilos I put on after the last round of IVF, you would think after all this work, I would have some weight reduction.

I feel like crying. I am doing everything I can, but the weight wont budge.

It’s so frustrating.