Evil spirits begone!

The hubster and I had a smashing time last night, and by this, I mean plates were smashed …. Greek style!

It wasn’t because we were celebrating anything – quite the contrary actually. I remember residing temporarily with my best friend when all of a sudden voices downstairs started getting louder and crockery started being thrown across the room. I wanted to escape – get away – but to do that, I would have zig-zag my way through broken ceramic and potentially be the target of a flying saucer!

As such, I stayed in my room and waited until all was calm.

Last night I was anything but calm – I am not going to go into the nitty-gritty details – but to say just one word….. MEN!

The sexes really do think differently don’t they? I am not going to excuse my hot-tempered nature, however after slaving over a hot kitchen in 45 degrees and to have no gratitude for what I dished up – well…. yeah!

While I do not condone this act, (unless you are celebrating with the Greeks) – there is something quite relieving about taking your anger out on a plate. The noise of it smashing. The Greeks are on to something here. I was SO relieved, that I had to look up the custom behind this tradition and found out that it was mainly to keep evil spirits at bay. Well, evil spirits begone! Fortunately the evil spirit did disappear (I am not talking about the hubster leaving me) – I am saying that after removing myself from the situation for a number of hours, when I returned the evil husband had disappeared and in his place was the man I loved.

Sure, I know need to buy a few extra plates, but the anger was diffused, no-one got hurt and evil spirits were kept at bay! So look out for me at your local department store – I’m the calm looking woman with a smile on my face constantly in the crockery aisle (with a hint of craziness in my eye!) 🙂

To the Greeks – I take my hat off to you!

P.S. – Do you think that my husband cleaning up the mess meant he felt guilty? Couldn’t work this one out last night.