Body Memory

Apparently my body has a memory. I am not talking about my brain, but things like my muscles, cells and nerves! Check it out here!

Now, as I finally begin to see progress from my new diet and exercise regime, I can see my body’s memory at work! It remembers being that muscular, toned and buffed body-builder who participated in Ms Olympia! My muscles are rippling ….. well, underneath some padding to protect them of course!

You see, my body also remembers my first year in university, when I went through a Vanilla-Slice stage! This was the time when I could only afford hot chips for dinner (along with copious amounts of alcohol!). I …. well…… let’s say blossomed. I didn’t quite get to the double-chin stage, but was working on it!

Those pesky little body memories. I would like to somehow repress the memories of the student-on-a-budget lifestyle and fine-tune the time when at the age of 10, was able to do a press-up with one hand, could wrap my legs around my ears and contort my body into various positions that would make you whither in your seat. While I confess I never did participate in Ms Olympia, I was into gymnastics, ballet and acrobatics. I was  freakishly flexible and my dance teachers and friends would all set challenges for me to do, much to my delight and their grimaces.

This flexibility continued into university years, and was a fantastic party-trick ….. particularly when I was drunk. In fact, it was my move …. getting drunk was inevitably followed by some sort of contortion. However, the rippling muscles I had at aged 10 were hidden behind layers of excess. Instead of being the champion of gracefulness which my mother was so proud of, my drunken maneuvers where anything but graceful.

Now as a middle-aged woman, I can proudly say, I can still do the splits! I can also do a mean arabesque and a split-jump in the air. I have lost some of the cushioning from my university years and I rarely drink these days. But…. my thighs still wobble a little bit more than I would like.

So …. with my new-found motto of never stopping until you are proud I have hit the treadmill and the Wii Fit. My muscles do remember what it was like to be stretched and hammered the way they have been in the past two weeks. In fact, they bounced back so quickly that I was feeling more toned within a matter of days. THIS is what kept me going, even when the scales were showing a two kilo increase. Thankfully, I kept going and now I am proud to say, I am 200 grams away from being the lightest I have been for a year.

This does not mean I will stop. Regardless of my body memory, there is a distant brain memory of a woman who was once proud of her body. I am not there yet! Ms Olympia ……. here I come!