Celebrity Twins

While I was returning my hair back to blonde, I overheard a conversation between two women, discussing how they are often told that they look like a certain celebrity. One woman said she was always told that she looked like Goldie Hawn and the other one, that she often got either Uma Thurman or Katy Perry.

I was a little bit shy to add to the conversation, as I used to get various look-alike comments, which in my mind do not even come close. The main two were Kylie Minogue and Drew Barrymore. I don’t see it! Kylie Minogue is way to pretty and Drew Barrymore? The one person I do think I look like is the relatively  unknown Helen Hunt.

The hubster on the other hand is unmistakably said to look like the comedian Shane Bourne. Check it out below:










Now for kicks….. check this out (I’m second from the left!)







How about you? Who is your celebrity twin?