Amsterdam: Part Two – 1 Museum, Space Cakes, Truffles and Anne Frank House

Days Three and Four in Amsterdam were a bit cold and rainy. Of all the museums on offer, the hubster wanted to go to Amsterdam Museum. I found this museum very ho-hum and after a few hours couldn’t wait to get out of there. One of the things I was looking forward to was seeing was Anne Frank House – now just a word of warning here, you need to get there early or buy tickets online to avoid the queues. On our way to Anne Frank House however, we passed one of the coffee shops we had seen on our Cannabis Tour – Abraxas. This hippie little venue with hand-crafted mosaics decorating the walls in warm colour tones offer a laid back atmosphere. There are large, low couches where large groups can relax around one table and internet access as well as board games to keep you entertained.

Good Times

On offer downstairs are hot and cold drinks, as well as space cakes (weed cookies and hash brownies). Upstairs is the weed bar! The hubster and I were a bit cautious about having the stench of cannabis on our clothes while returning to Dubai, so we stayed downstairs and indulged in a brownie. These sumptuous delights have a warning label on their packet, advising you that you are about to eat marijuana and that you should only have half, then wait 90mins before indulging in the second half. Not wanting to walk around Amsterdam with half a hash brownie on me, AND not willing to tempt customs in Dubai, I ate the whole slice.

The hubster took half and walked around with the other half in his pocket. We then attempted to get into Anne Frank House, where we were faced with a queue that snaked around the museum and around the corner. Not willing to stand in line, the hubster and I decided to grab a bite to eat at a beautiful Italian restaurant. For the life of me, I can not remember the name of this restaurant, but the food was awesome. An hour and a half later, I stated my disappointment in the brownie. Ten minutes later, I was laughing uncontrollably at my own silly statement, where I said my husband’s eyes are usually so white when they are not red.

I tried to act normal – I really did. But I couldn’t stop laughing or smirking. One of the things I really noticed however is that time seemed to stand still. There were times when the hubster would ask me a question and it would seem like half an hour later that I answered him. Additionally, my peripheral vision kept being blurred, at times being very narrow and then feeling as though it would open up again.

Eventually, we decided to leave the restaurant and head back to the hotel. This is when things started getting really weird. It seemed we waited for the tram for about an hour. So we decided to walk back. I still laugh now as I remember walking down the alleyways in Amsterdam and feeling as though the hubster and I were the only ones walking in the direction we were heading …. the whole population of Amsterdam it seemed was walking against us. I mentioned this to the hubster and he said he felt the same. We ended up beside ourselves in laughter as we decided to play with the crowds.

I did start to get a little paranoid as I wasn’t sure if the hubster knew the right way back to the hotel. I was also worried someone might take advantage of two obviously stoned tourists. But nothing happened. We eventually got to the hotel and slept it off (without dinner) – no munchies for us!

The following day, we decided to get up early and head to Anne Frank House. There was still a massive queue, but we were not too far from the entrance. I really enjoyed learning about Anne Frank and her family who, 70 years ago, went into hiding for two years to avoid Nazi persecution. Unfortunately their whereabouts were revealed to Nazi authorities and they were arrested, deported and killed at concentration camps – all but the father, Otto. Anne’s diary kept during the time of concealment was rescued by a friend and given to Otto on his return to Amsterdam. This has now been made public and is a great read.

After Anne Frank House, the hubster and I visited the Red Light District. It was here that we both decided to see what all the rave about was in regards to Casa Ross0 – the oldest erotic theatre in Amsterdam. This is my first experience at anything like this and to be honest it wasn’t what I expected. Sure, much to the relief of the hubster, the women on stage are gorgeous, however onstage a couple go through their choreographed routine, almost robotic as they switch positions with gracious efficiency.

Fifteen second, slap on the bum, change position.

Fifteen seconds, slap on the bum, change.

It is not erotic, at least not for me – and definitely not for the couple. There really is no sugar-coating the Red Light District or this type of theatre – it is seedy. Very seedy.

To top the day of, the hubster decides he would like to partake in some more cannabis. We go past The Bulldog coffeeshop where he purchases a weed cookie. I on the other hand, try out a magic mushroom truffle. I had no idea what to get, however the man behind the counter enlightened me: the truffles come in various potencies. I played it safe and got the “beginners” truffle – the Space Shuttle. After dinner at yet another fantastic Italian Restaurant, I decided to slowly partake in my disgusting tasting truffle. About two hours later I was again hit with uncontrollable laughter, as my husband’s face slowly started turning into that of Shrek but with no ears!! It was a great night.

I will soon write about my experiences at the Van Gough Museum and a trip out to North Holland!