Back down E-bayer!

I have cause to celebrate! I have hit my first goal weight…. woo hoo! Wii-Fit and the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet are totally working!! Though, it could be partly because I have been sick for the past few days also. Anyways, what is a sick-chick feeling kinda awesome meant to do? Treat herself of course! For all the hard work, I thought it might be good to go on E-bay and purchase a nice handbag for myself! I have always wanted a trendy handbag, designer label and all, and as my current one is looking very well-worn, I thought a search on E-bay might just find what I was looking for.

Now I can not justify spending thousands of dollars on a designer handbag, so in order to meet my goal, I must go second-hand shopping. And did I find an awesome bag! It is a Burberry Warrior Bag:

Now this little beauty retails for $22k!!! It was also the “it” bag in the summer/spring season of 2008, making it only four years out of season rather than a few decades! However……. the $7,500 price tag was still a bit steep for me and really are those celtic metal stones a bit too much? This would make the bag heavy for sure…..

You see, I have to make up as many reasons as I can to convince myself that it wouldn’t be an awesome item to have on your shoulder, because let’s face it, it IS an awesome bag.

So getting to something more my price range, meant I had to scroll to page 50 from the “highest to lowest price”. Whereby I saw this little beauty:

It is an authentic Gucci Sukey Hobo bag. With its signature beige/ebony GG fabric – everyone will know it’s a designer label AND it is still a current style. For a starting price of $299 it is a bargain (these usually retail for about $1,000)

So I entered a price of $315.00. I need to incorporate postage and handling, so need to ensure I keep within my limit. The price turned green – I was successful in placing my bid. And it sat like that for two days. That was when 0***s entered her bid! I had been outbidded.


So, 0***s it’s on! You have bought out my competitive nature. I have upped my bid (but still sticking to my budget) and by the slightest margin of $1, I have outbid you! I have my eyes on you, my rival! Keep your paws off my handbag woman! It would be greatly appreciated if you could please back-down. We both know that the bag is a bargain, but I am at my limit. I have worked damned hard for my prize, my reward! I’ve been sick!!!! Please 0***s, if you have any sympathy, please please please let me have this bag. I haven’t found anything else that I like…….

Thank you and kind regards