It’s not easy being ….. well….. me!

On a cold, wintery day in April 1976, a newly married couple decided what to call their first daughter. Instead of Justine, I should have been called Challenge. Yep, Challenge Meh!

You see, the first mistake it would appear, is that I was born a female. Despite the fact that I am not into the whole equality argument, there is no mistaking the fact that men still have it over women. They do not have to live through the monthlies and the hormonal changes that go with it. They also don’t have to go through childbirth and the career vs motherhood battle which is still prevalent in today’s society. I am still being asked at job interviews if I have children (I am seen to be at childbearing age).

And apparently, as a woman and now a wife, my inferred role is to support my husband. You know the whole, “behind every successful man” quote. Yeah, well ….. that! The cooking, cleaning and shouldering (that’s a word you know!)

So, getting past the fact that I was born the wrong gender, I attempted to embrace my womanhood and entered into the world of competitive dancing. I could have been good too…. if it wasn’t for my damn flat feet. Despite the money spent on creating an arch in my foot, the world of ballet is not so kind to a flat-footed dancer.

Then, hitting the teenage years, I struggled to understand what the hell was going on with me as I swung for complete happiness to extreme depression. Coincidentally, this was blamed on my female hormones and it would take many years later to actually be diagnosed with bipolar.

Eventually, I decided that my skills lay in and around the Marketing and Communications field. I actually spent six years at university, but apparently everyone is a marketer. Unlike mathematicians, there is no absolute correct way to market (there are however good and bad ways). Despite my six years of studies and now 15 years of experience, I am still being told by those in the medical field, technology field and human resources field how to do my job.

Therefore, as a woman and wife, with an unsatisfying job and without a dancing career, it seemed time to start a family. Yeah well…… that little nugget! Five failed IVF treatments, $50,000 and countless numbers of tears later…… I have nothing to show for that.

On top of it all, I am now living as an expat in the Middle East. Oh and trust me, being a woman and wife, with an unsatisfying job and bipolar in the Middle East is well…… a challenge.

So yeah, I might just have something to share about life. I am not bitter. I tend to try to see the positives. So, challenge me….. I dare you!