An Ebay War Draw

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you and another person put the same highest bid amount in for an Ebay item?

Would it be considered a draw? Would you get to share the item 50% of the time with the other person? Yeah, well, I believe that it actually comes down to who bid on the item first.

So, I didn’t win the Ebay war over the Gucci handbag….. but I didn’t lose either. 

You see, when I realised that my last bid was only $1 above that of Ms 0***s, I kept looking for another item that might be suitable. It was a task I was completely dedicated to. I honed my FBI skills, spent hours trawling E-bay and prayed to the handbag Gods to either win the bag or let me find a better but cheaper bag. Pfft….. as if that would happen!?

But alas…. a miracle occurred. I found a better, cheaper bag! Now all I had to do was hope that Ms 0***s would try to outbid me again. As fate would have it, another e-bayer came in on the scene during the dying hours of the auction. Ms 0***s who is not a registered user (and therefore makes me a bit suspicious) – missed out too.

This gave me complete freedom to bid on a Dolce & Gabbana White Leather Bag with Beige Lizard Trim. This little beauty, in my opinion is much nicer than the Gucci bag. To top it off, when I entered my bid, I didn’t have any competition. Not for 10 days. Not an unregistered user in sight.

Now I am just waiting for it to be shipped. I am a little excited. I so can not wait to be wearing this on my shoulder.

What do you think? Ain’t she a beauty? Totally better than the Gucci bag right?

Somethings happen for a reason I guess.