Seven photos of what lies under the water!

I have been asked to post some scuba diving pictures. Funnily enough, I have scuba dived some amazing places, but I have to say, my scuba diving photography is pretty ordinary. This is something I have been too scared to venture into as I know myself…. I will want the top of the range underwater camera as soon as I start getting into it. Diving itself has cost me a fortune, so I have stayed away from venturing into underwater photography also.

As a result, I have let the hubster be our photographer under the water. I will be honest here, he isn’t the best photographer on land, let alone under the water. Even still, I do have my favourite scuba diving picture that he has taken so far. This was taken at Rottnest Island, off Western Australia and is my favourite as it captures the limestone structures along with the colours of the coral:

Now as you can see, this is no professional photo. We are nowhere near professionals. But here are a few more of our scuba diving photos which capture why I love scuba diving!

Manta Ray, Exmouth – Western Australia

Two different coloured octopus [octopi?? :)]

Masked Butterfly Fish – Red Sea – Egypt

We found Nemo (Red Sea – Egypt)



Lion Fish (Red Sea – Egypt)

Wreck Diving (Red Sea – Egypt)