Learning to love sextilis.

Sextilis. Sounds like some kind of venereal disease doesn’t it? Well, it isn’t. In fact it has nothing to do with sex at all. In fact, this was the original Latin name for the month of August.

The eighth month of the year has never been favourable for me. I put it down to the fact that I have not yet found a person I like born under the star sign of Leo. In fact, whenever I have heard a person declare that they are a Leo, I tend to run for the hills. It would be interesting in the horoscope-sphere to find out if there is any type of clash between Leos and Aries. In fact, a hand on the heart fact about me, is that whenever I have planned my IVF treatments, I have deliberately ensured that it does not result in having a baby born as a Leo.

The other reason I have had an issue with August is because I distinctly remember in 1999, getting my university results after summer school and receiving my first ever pass. [You thought I was going to say fail right? :)] Yes, a mere pass. Not even a credit! I had never ever fallen below a distinction level and this result was in one of my best and favourite studies – English Literature.

I took the score ever so badly. Crying in my car, thinking of ways to end my life. I look back and laugh now, but back then, it was a massive drama. I even took the result personally, actually taking it up with the university board! You see, we had a change in lecturers that summer and all of my previous results in this class were distinctions. I always like to claim that there is never a right or wrong in English, just a difference of opinion. The university supported their new lecturer, and I was left heart-broken and confounded about how I, yes me, could have received a pass!

Believe it or not, those are the two reasons I have hated August. Thirteen years later, Sextilis and I are starting to get along. There is no denying that this year has been an extremely difficult and emotional year. The company I worked for came close to bankruptcy, the hubster and I received another failed IVF treatment, and receiving proper health treatment in Abu Dhabi has become close to impossible.

But the past fortnight has seen a turn around in my life. A doctor finally passed my medical so that I could take up my passion of scuba diving and become a Dive Master, the hubster has received a very positive lead to a new career, our tax return in Australia has come back favourably, I took a massive plunge, resigning from this damned horrible workplace (More on that in another blog!) and I reached another goal weight! All that in a fortnight!

As the hubster likes to say, happy wife, happy life Or as I like to put it; happy Sextilis, happy sex life! 🙂