I am resigned….

I did it! I handed in my resignation. I bit the bullet and made a stand for myself. I jumped without a safety net. I even made a choice to take a chance in order for there to be change!

I have despised my work for over eight months now. I have kept holding on, hoping that things would improve or that I would find the next best thing and as a result, I have hated every aspect of my life…. but I took control of the reins today and set myself free.

Who knows what the future holds!? I am focussed on my diving career at the moment. I don’t have an employer as yet, but once I have finalised my DiveMaster training, I can then work in a dive shop. All I know, is that from the moment I resigned, I have been a happy chappy…. well a happy chick.

The day of my resignation, I went to Al Mahara Dive Shop and expressed my desire to finally finish my DiveMaster training. It took two days of paperwork, but eventually we got there. I then started my training on Monday and have had three full afternoons of skill tests, rescue diving and teaching others about local diving, skin diving and discovering scuba diving! It has been full on, but I have loved every minute of it. Life all of a sudden has taken a massive u-turn! Living in Abu Dhabi is now not so bad. I am meeting people along the way! Isn’t amazing how once you take a different path, life starts either throwing challenges or opening up doors.

Speaking of which, I have been asked to stay on for my three-month notice period instead of leaving early, as a new CEO may be appointed and will want to keep a hold of management as much as possible. ARGH! I am not too sure how I feel about this. On one-hand if things work out with IVF , it would be good to keep working throughout most of the pregnancy AND achieve a major career goal of managing the marketing of a newly established hospital. On the other-hand, I have been so happy of late, that I don’t want to bring this level of happiness down.

Anyway, I am resigned. I am happy to stay on for the next three months. It sort of makes sense to me. I am going back to Perth, Australia in mid-November anyway for my brother’s 40th birthday. If things don’t work out in Abu Dhabi with my current job or in the dive industry, or with this opportunity for my husband with the Turkey role, I will stay in Perth until the IVF has been completed.

Things have been great since resigning! I am so happy that I finally took this scary step. Now to look forward. We are off to Jordan tomorrow, then my in-laws visit (which is a good thing by the way) and then the countdown is on until November! (I may even try to book another short-holiday for Eid in October).

So onwards and upwards my friends.

Sending you all hugs and kisses and promises of a better future!